Write your dreams with the ash of the failures you've burned.

We Are Phoenix was born from failure; Many in fact.

On both sides of success and brutal defeat we have lived, and learned there is no failure; only lessons, and with each lesson you level up in skills, knowledge and self awareness empowering you to charge forward again from a new position of strength and understanding.

You are a master of change, not a victim of it and as long as there is breath in your lungs, you can, at any single moment, take action on a decision to reinvent yourself or change the course of your life.

You can re create your body from overweight to athlete, from sickness to health.
You can Re Create your life from destruction and failure to thriving success.
You are a magnificent machine of unlimited creation.

Just as a Phoenix is an eternal symbol of change, growth and reinvention our logo is a shield of support for you to be whoever you want to be and let nobody tell you any fucking different. Be the absolute best version of yourself and do whatever the fuck makes you happy. If you’re not deliberately hurting other beings then their words and opinions don’t mean shit.

Follow your passion, excitement, happiness, and joy because a world full of happy, passionate and bright smiling people is so much better than a bunch of miserable fuckers trashing the place.

So push your fears aside, burn your fucking boats and storm the island of your dreams because life is too short to regret the things you didn’t do. Charge hard and unrelentingly in the direction of those things that set your soul on fire.

Live and speak your truth freely but kindly, and if it speaks to your heart and gets you pumped, give it every fucking thing you’ve got.
Even if it’s knitting, then you knit the absolute shit out of today.

Decide to stand for something more than the ordinary and flip the middle finger to the status quo.
Then take action every single day no matter how small, until your dream and reality align.

Our desire is to be a part of your journey just as we are blessed having you a part of ours, and our products are a reminder that on your best days as well as your worst, we are always with you.

Now, what story are you going to write today?



Our Manufacturing Ethos.

The world is our playground

And she is in pain.

For the longest time we wrestled with our decision to create products knowing that any form of manufacturing creates waste and our products would in essence contribute to the overabundance of consumer products in the world today.

We look to the future and a company looking to the future must accept that it has an obligation to minimize its impact on the natural environment. If we are going to use precious resources to create something then the most responsible thing we can do is make each product as well as we know how so it lasts as long as possible.

Value & quality matters and our mission is to create solid, dependable, long lasting staple items you can wear anytime you’re charging through life. We build our products with thought and purpose and would rather release less items of higher quality than just mindlessly throwing our logo on anything and everything we can get our hands on.

We endeavor to continuously analyze and improve our processes, product offerings, materials and techniques to make products last longer and have less impact on the environment. At every opportunity we specifically aim to reduce our use of plastic and sometimes this creates a difficult, more expensive but albeit more rewarding path for us that we wouldn’t have any other way.

We are extremely conscious and will always do the best we can with the resources we have.

No business can be done on a dead planet.